One played-out trope that really frosts my cupcake is that women care more about relationships than men do. We care more about maintaining them, making sure we’re happy in them, and making sure our partner is happy in them. Meanwhile men, the reasoning goes, have other, more important things to worry about. This, of course, follows another played-out trope, which is that women are just naturally more caring than men are.

In keeping with this philosophy, there is a whole shitload of resources available to women who need dating or relationship advice. This seems pretty harmless, and maybe it is. But because I’m not a complete moron, I believe, as I may have already said a time or two, that the things we learn about the world and the people around us actually affect our beliefs, actions, and choices. And all this relationship advice aimed at women, along with the absence of its equivalent directed towards men, couldpossiblyinsomecases result in some pretty darn male-centric relationships. Thus the presupposition that women are the caretakers in relationships can and does become a self-fullfilling prophecy.

With this belief in mind, I’m going to examine some of the trends that I’ve noticed in the world of dating advice. Now, I have quite a bit to say about these things because I find them pretty damn disturbing, so I plan to make this a prominent focus of this blog.

To give you an idea of what you have to look forward to, here’s a quick breakdown of some of those trends:

— Women need to start being women again, and letting their men be men.

— You are the keeper of your dude’s boner and it is your responsibility to keep King Ding-a-Ling stiff and solid at all times. Because men are visual creatures!

— Men are visual creatures!

— It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with him for one month or twenty years. The second you let on that you are human, his resulting disgust will drive him straight into the arms of someone who doesn’t do such things as eat, pee, or breathe in front of him.

— Men need to feel needed! It’s okay if you’re a career-obsessed, independent woman, just keep that shit at the office, girlfriend, or no man will want you!

— It is a cardinal sin for women to discuss your relationship problems with friends.

— Sex is as vital to life as food. For men, anyway. For women, well….who cares about what women want, the goal is to keep the men alive by fucking them whenever, however, and wherever they want to be fucked. So shut up and get to fucking, Ladies!

— Feminism means the death of our civilization as we know it.

— Men are going to wank off to porn because they have to wank off to porn, because evolution, and since there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it, it would be best for all parties involved if women would just stop being controlling prudish bitches about it and get the fuck over it already.

— All problems in society can be cured if the women will just stop being mean to all the men in the world and let them be dads to our illegitimate little bastards.

As I said before, these may sound harmless. But there be a large chunk of peeps out there (Presidential hopeful Rick Santorun being just one of them) who believe that marriage is the cornerstone of civilization, and that in order for marriage to survive, men need to step up and take control of their lives and their wimmin. Lots of us think that’s just really stupid and aren’t down with the idea of marriage to controlling assholes. Therefore, society is going to have to be returned to the days of yore when women were quite literally forced to be financially and emotionally dependent on men. The financial aspect is being handled via legislation as we speak. What the hell do you think this war on abortion and contraception and welfare are about? Durr….do away with these things, and what the hell is the end result? Think about it, yo. And I contend that the emotional aspect is currently being handled via indoctrination of some really dumbass ideas about men and women. Sound crazy? Well, it is crazy. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening…..