Why I’m Here

When I first started this blog, I had a vague idea that it should probably be about something specific. The two big issues that I kept coming back to while attempting to narrow my bitching down to a central blog theme are two things that I happen care a whole helluva lot about; one is the issue of women’s rights (so woooo!, yes I am a big ole hairy scary feminist gorilla!), and the other is the stinky, awful, very very bad culture that we all swim in, by which I mean, the way that all forms of media- television, movies, music, the internet, news outlets, advertising- collaborate with each other to reinforce (patriarchal) norms and narratives. These two seemingly unrelated issues converge significantly whenever one considers the way these norms and narratives exacerbate and perpetuate the bullshit issues that women still have to struggle with- in 2013!- in this country.

I get that the issue of cultural influence on individual behavior is far from settled for some; however, it is not the aim of this blog to debate the validity of this premise. The garbage that is fed to us 24/7 matters, period. Not because monkey see monkey do (although sometimes this is actually the case), but because we all actively and passively absorb information from everywhere forever about all kinds of things that affect our beliefs and perceptions, which affect our behaviors, which affect those around us. Additionally and more importantly, the media sets cultural norms. Seriously, why the hell is this even up for debate? Kids aren’t influenced by just the things they see and learn at home. No, mom and dad aren’t the sole enforcers of all the bullshit norms and cultural expectations that are pushed onto all of us every day. Does anyone really believe parents own the exclusive rights to influence over their progeny? Really?

Also, mainstream dating advice these days is straight-up psychotic and downright harmful. Not just because the advice itself is atrocious and stupid, but because the gender-specific framework within which such narratives are presented reinforces gender stereotypes, which in turn reinforce our patriarchal culture. There are some absurd little fuckers out there calling themselves dating experts and dispensing some really horrible fucking advice to their faithful audience. They are practically begging to be ragged on. Hopefully one day I’ll get around to obliging the little bastards.

Sometimes I go off on random tangents that have zero to do with any of this stuff.

Mostly, though, I am here because I love to write, and they say that the more you do it, the better you get at it. Here’s hoping that’s not utter bullshit.

So there you go. That there is the general direction in which I plan to take this little blog, unless of course I change my mind somewhere down the road. Doesn’t that just make you want to piss yourself with glee?


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Here”

  1. I’M a HORRIFYING excuse for a human. How anyone can stand to be in the same room with ME, is puzzling. I’M just seething with hate. I HOPE I find some peace in MY life and stop infecting INNOCENT BLOGGERS WITH MY hatred.


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