Stuff you Should Read

Below are links that are relevant to the things I talk about. Feminism 101-type stuff, research studies, and links to my favorite blog posts can be found here. If you’re not at least vaguely familiar with radical feminist theory and/or if you don’t posess a kindergarten level understanding of media literacy and women’s issues, please avail yourself of these resources before darkening my magnificent blog with irrelevant nonsense. Unless of course you’re a troll, in which case just go ahead and fuck the hell off.

Awesome series about sex and gender.

Gender based violence and romantic love blog post that examines the connection between romantic love and the societal inequality of women.

Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls– if you have kids, this is something that you’ll want to read. Honest.

Feminism 101.

Finally, Feminism 101: More Feminism 101 stuff.

Rape Culture 101.

An awesome take-down of the rape-as-a-joke trope that is so tirelessly played out everywhere forever.

The most brilliant takedown of porn ever. Unless you’re just pathetically lazy you’ll probably want to make sure you read the entire series.

A study that examines gender differences in sexuality, conducted by Jennifer L. Petersen and Janet Hyde. And more and more and more .

The Liz Library– this site contains a treasure-trove of information regarding various women’s/mother’s rights issues, divorce and custody issues, and family law.


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